TSP Moving to new digs

Because of the restrictions imposed on content by WordPress.org I am moving to a new home:


Hope to see you all there. Will repost these pics and then start with the new stuff.

Teen Socks and Pantyhose Fashion Award…

Goes to Lady Gaga. I know she isn’t technically a teen but I think we should recognize her for doing her part to show these teenie boppers how to dress! Thanks Lady G.

Monday morning amateur socks and pantyhose

Thanks to everybody for checking out the blog. I am continuing my guerrilla war against flip-flops! The problem is that women don’t dress for men, they dress for other women. Ladies- if you want all men to surrender to your charms start wearing the pantyhose again. Harummph!

ballerina feet hose girls teen

sock foot tsp2 tsp3

Tuesday Pantyhose Mix

A few random girls.
You have to wonder why girls don’t wear pantyhose as much anymore. Do they have any idea how we are powerless before their beautiful silky legs?








I am getting the hang of this…

Trying to get girls that are 1) real and 2) haven’t been posted a hundred times. It’s harder than you’d think.

I included one of a thong and pantyhose. Love the look and feel of these after some sweetie slips them off and they are beside her feet.’

thong and pantyhose hosetoes s4 s2 prettypantyhose

Candid video…nice job

I am not a big fan of sock videos. Some of them look staged and I am trying to find and promote REAL sock and pantyhose girls. This one looks good though. It just gives me a warm feeling to know that there are guys out there with cameras to capture these sexy little vixens. Sexy girls, you can’t hide!

First ever post…mostly sock girls

I feel like cute sock girls are overlooked on most websites. Here are just a few I liked and wanted to share with you. I especially like it when girls take pics in their rooms with all their underwear on the floor and in piles around them. Feel free to tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by. I like to mix socks with pantyhose and vice versa. Just teen hotties I find interesting.

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